Electric Insulation

AGIT in Milan makes custom discs, washers, flat shaped parts and parts of special paper, cardboard and fibres, with or without vulcanisation to specifications for electric insulation.

The special seals made of electric insulating materials are manufactured by blanking, dinking, flat cutting and water jet cutting. The electric insulation made by AGIT are used in various industries in the electromechanical, automatic and electric car sector, to make measuring and testing machines and wherever the use of electric insulating materials is essential for safety and for the correct operation of the system as a whole.
AGIT has put skilled manufacturing and a professional approach at the service of the Italian market for over 50 years. Customers are large and small companies in the most diverse areas.

Examples of electric insulation products are made of impregnated resin, paper and high-temperature electric insulating films. AGIT also carries a wide variety of semi-finished electric insulating materials for immediate shipment.

Send your request using the form on the website for specific requests for electrical insulating discs, washers and shaped parts. Our Technical Office will call you back with details on the manufacturing process, costs and times.