Processes and Technologies

AGIT makes seals, gaskets and technical parts mainly to the customer’s specifications. AGIT kicks off an ad hoc process for each order, which consists in identifying and applying the most suitable technologies for the required material and end product size also to ensure that production costs are sustainable and in line with the customer’s expectations.

At AGIT we used traditional technological and water jet cutting to make seals and gaskets which fully comply with requests. Our Technical Office selects technologies and materials and also the manufacturing method according to the ordered product quantity, size and material and, of course, by capitalising on our decades of sector-specific expertise. We are well aware that some process provide higher accuracy for very small parts, while others are more appropriate for softer materials and yet others are ideal for rigid or semi-rigid materials.

Traditional processes such as dinking, blanking, turning and rubber moulding are used alongside special processes generally employed for making large-sized products, and innovative water jet cutting.

Working to specifications and making non-standard products is clearly the most characterising feature of AGIT in the area of industrial seal, gasket and special part manufacturing. We can supply a wide range of standard or non-standard technical items, which may in some cases already be available from our large warehouse attached to the offices and workshop in Via Montanari, Milan.