Seals and Gaskets

AGIT has been a benchmark in Italy for custom manufacturing of industrial seals and gaskets for over 50 years. We have developed and perfected specific skills over time and use state-of-the-art technologies and processes, like water jet cutting since the early 1990s. In AGIT we have an in-depth knowledge of materials and the many types of seals and gaskets, and we know that each ordered seal or gasket – e.g. lip seals, adhesive seals or tap seals – has specific features related to its applications and to the destination industrial and production sector in which it will be used. We exploit our expertise to define the best process for each seal and gasket we make.

Rubber seals and o-rings are certainly some of the most common types of seals and gaskets we make. On high demand are also hydraulic seals and automotive gaskets. Multiuse seals made of special materials, such as silicone and Teflon, are worth mentioning, while spiral-wound gaskets are examples for more complex use which must guarantee safety and tightness in chemical and petrol-chemical plants.
AGIT makes liquid gaskets on demand which are distributed in fluid form and then solidified using a vulcanisation process.

With such a wide range of different seals and gaskets, it is no wonder that AGIT serves the widest range of manufacturers, spanning from automotive and electromechanical industries to clothing, furniture and many others.

For a rapid supply of high-quality industrial seals and gaskets made of any material, trust the experience of AGIT and ask us for a quote to your specifications today.