Stoppers are examples of other industrial seals provided by AGIT.
Carefully designed rubber stoppers and plastic or polyethylene stoppers made to original specifications are along the most popular items supplied by AGIT.

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) caps with low edge for plugging containers and pipes, protecting threaded parts and other specific uses are available in large quantities from AGIT. Various sizes from 2 mm to 150 mm are available.

From the scientific point of view, polyethylene is a thermoplastic resin. It is known for its insulating properties and is also very cost-effective, versatile and used for making caps and stoppers, electric insulation and much more.

AGIT stoppers are made of RoHS-compliant, transparent, non-toxic low density polyethylene (LDPE). Stoppers made of coloured material are available on demand for large productions.

Ask AGIT for a quote for stoppers made of polyethylene, rubber or other materials. We guarantee flexibility, accuracy and quick delivery.