Washers and Shaped Parts

AGIT also makes washers and shaped parts made of various materials in different sizes at the workshop in Via Montanari, Milan. Washers and shaped parts for industrial use are dispatched from our facilities nationwide and used for a wide range of applications in the mechanical, constructions, furniture and clothing sectors, to name a few.

More in detail, we mass produce Teflon washers and plastic washers, in addition to steel and rubber washers or shaped washers made of cork and felt. Other materials are available on request.

Washers and discs made of metal or hard materials in general are manufactured by blanking using dies. This process is used for stainless or tempered steel washers, washers made of aluminium, bronze, iron or brass and for copper or zinc washers, in addition to metal mesh, hard metals and other metals in general.
Washers, discs and shaped items made of soft or semi-rigid materials are processed and cut using special equipment to protect the original properties. Examples include project-specific natural rubber or rubber mixture washers, foam and expanded material discs, paper and cardboard discs, plastic materials, felt, cloth, leather, cork, cork-rubber for asbestos-free seals, heat and electric insulation and anti-friction materials.

Other type soft washers, in particular made of copper, aluminium or red fibre, of various diameters are available from the AGIT warehouse for immediate shipment and are suited for use in threaded connections and for generic uses.

Contact AGIT for details, lead times and transparent, complete quotes for custom washers and shaped parts made of various materials.