AGIT S.A.S., a company based in Milan, has been active in the Italian gasket production market for over 50 years.
Our strengths, based on the production of industrial gaskets both custom-designed and to specification, are crowned by the enhancement of manufacturing precision and a focus on service. This ensures traceability of the raw material used, process controls, quality of the finished product and delivery planning customized to customer needs for each order.

We are also able to make the most of aspects of traditional production processes, such as die-cutting, turning and compression molding, as well as the potential of innovative technologies such as Waterjet cutting, which AGIT has been a pioneer for in this specific sector in Italy.

The work of AGIT is particularly focused on the supply of gaskets and technical and industrial specifics built according to customer drawings and specifications, who have the ability to contribute with their own production experience to the development of the best solutions to every “custom” requirement.

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