AGIT has been a point of reference for the manufacturing of industrial felt in Milan for over 50 years.

In fact, felt is a “non-woven fabric” obtained from natural fibers (such as wool) or synthetic fibers, endowed with truly multipurpose characteristics and which is well suited to applications in fashion, which are the best known to the public, but also in industry heavy, such as the iron and steel industry, or in the automotive, electrotechnical and mechanical industries in general.

AGIT produces felt gaskets with techniques such as die-cutting, flat cutting (also with Waterjet) and shaping. With these processes, different types of objects are obtained, such as dust covers, anti-vibration mounts, discs, washers, flat shapes and custom-designed parts, made both in wool felt and synthetic felt.

AGIT also has industrial felt for sale at its warehouse, with a wide range of natural wool felt thicknesses available in stock, in normal and high density, in natural colour. On request, special colored felts can also be supplied, in the desired density.

If you need ad hoc felt processing for gaskets of any type, request an online quote and our technical office will contact you as soon as possible to provide you with a quote with specific details.

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