For the production of industrial gaskets to design and specification, AGIT is one of the reference companies for the Italian market, thanks to a history in the sector spanning over 50 years, to a series of specific skills that have developed and perfected over time and with use of cutting-edge technologies and processes, such as Waterjet cutting that AGIT itself began to use in the early 1990s.

At AGIT, we know in depth the materials and the different types of existing industrial gaskets and we know that every gasket that is requested of us, be it a lip gasket, an adhesive or a tap gasket, will have its specific characteristics linked to the task it must perform and to the industrial and productive sector in which it is used. And we start from this to define the process that will follow the manufacturing of each of the gaskets that we are going to create.

Among the types of industrial seals that we most frequently find ourselves producing there are certainly rubber seals and O-ring seals, hydraulic seals and car seals are also in great demand, while among the more particular and multipurpose materials we highlight silicone and Teflon gaskets and, among the more complex uses, spiral wound gaskets, which must guarantee safety and tightness in chemical and petrochemical plants.
Furthermore AGIT can, again on request, produce a type of liquid gasket, which instead of being immediately solid is distributed in the liquid state and then solidified through a vulcanization process.

Given the numerical and qualitative breadth of the industrial gaskets that it is able to produce, AGIT serves with its products all production sectors, from the automotive to the electromechanical industry, but also sectors such as clothing, furniture and many others .

For a rapid supply of high quality industrial gaskets in any material, rely on the experience of AGIT and ask us immediately for a quote based on your specifications and drawing.

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