AGIT produces gaskets and technical details mainly based on the applicant’s project, and therefore based on drawings and specifications. AGIT responds to each production request by starting an ad hoc manufacturing process in which the most suitable technologies are identified and applied not only for the materials treated and for the dimensions of the final products, but also so that the production costs are sustainable and fall within what is required by the client company.

To create gaskets that fully meet the demands of our customers, at AGIT we can exploit both traditional technologies and water jet cutting. The choice of technologies and materials and the manufacturing process is decided by our technical office on the basis of the type of product commissioned, the quantities, the dimensions and the material in which it must be produced. And our long experience in the sector. In fact, we know well how some processes allow greater precision on very small dimensions, how others are more appropriate for soft materials and still others are for rigid or semi-rigid materials.

Among the traditional processes we carry out are die-cutting, shearing, turning and rubber moulding, which are flanked by special processes, generally for large-sized products, and the innovative water jet cutting.

Processing according to project and not of standard products is certainly what characterizes AGIT in the production of industrial gaskets of any type, but, in addition to design details, AGIT is able to supply a wide range of technical articles in compliance with or standard, sometimes already available in the large warehouse annexed to the headquarters and in the workshop space in via Montanari in Milan.