AGIT’s experience in waterjet cutting

AGIT S.A.S., located in Milan, has been operating for more than 50 years in the Italian market in the production of industrial gaskets, guaranteeing precision in processing and attention to service. In addition to adopting traditional production processes, we also wanted to invest our resources in some innovative technologies: the waterjet cutting is part of the latter, by virtue of which we are proud to have played the role of pioneers in Italy.
For several years now we have chosen to enhance this technology, approaching the market for waterjet cutting for third parties, guaranteeing the precision that distinguishes us and very fast processing times.

Some technical specifications that our service can offer

The processing systems currently available at our factory include a three-head work table, usable without abrasive, with loading / unloading pallets having dimensions of mm. 1600×2500 mm. and a two-head table with abrasive adduction system, having a cutting surface dimension mm.1600×3000 mm.
The maximum workable thickness, except for different possible specific tooling, is for both systems of mm. 150.
The pressure intensification systems installed have a power of 50 HP, suitable for the range of materials we generally handle.

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Waterjet cutting: characteristics and fields of application

How waterjet technology works

Born in the aerospace field, the waterjet technology represents a cutting technology that uses water at very high pressure, with the addition of abrasive when cutting metallic or very hard or thick materials, revealing itself to be an effective solution on many types of materials.
To understand the speed of water outflow (which passes through an orifice with a diameter of 1 mm), it must be borne in mind that, compared to that of sound, it is 4 times higher. The result is a clean and precise cut, even on surfaces characterized by a considerable thickness (up to 150 mm), guaranteeing results and precision finishes.

The strengths of this cut

Except as indicated in the previous lines, waterjet processing has further advantages. First of all, it allows cutting operations to be carried out at low cost, avoiding expensive equipment and related waiting times. Do not underestimate the cutting capacity for materials with uneven thickness, laminates or composites (fiberglass, concrete, ceramic …). It can also be used on heat-sensitive materials which, precisely because of this characteristic, cannot be subjected to laser or plasma cutting. Another strong point of water cutting is the minimum quantity of material removed.