In the field of electrical insulators, in Milan AGIT produces to specification and project: discs, washers, flat shapes and design parts in special materials for electrical insulation, such as special papers, cardboard and fibres, including vulcanised ones.

These special gaskets in electrical insulating materials are made with shearing, die-cutting, flat cutting and water-jet cutting. The electrical insulators obtained from AGIT are used in the industrial, electromechanical, automotive and electric vehicle sectors, in the construction of measurement and analysis machines and systems and wherever the design needs require the use of materials that guarantee electrical insulation for the safety or functionality of the whole apparatus. With these achievements, AGIT has served the Italian market with competence and professionalism for over 50 years and supplies small and large companies in the most diverse sectors already mentioned.

In the field of electrical insulators, examples of products made by AGIT use impregnated resins, papers and electrical insulating films for high temperatures. Also available in stock for sale are many semi-finished electrical insulating materials of this type.

For a specific request for the production of discs, washers and shapes for electrical insulation, fill in the form on our website and send us your request. You will be contacted by our technical office, which will provide you with details on the manufacturing process and will show you costs and timing.

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