Washers and shapes in different materials and in different sizes are among the flagship products made by AGIT at the workshop in Via Montanari in Milan. From here, washers and shapes for industrial use are sent throughout Italy, where they are used in all production sectors, from mechanics to shipbuilding, from furniture to clothing.

In particular, AGIT produces Teflon washers and plastic washers on a large scale, but also steel and rubber washers and still washers and shapes in cork, felt and, more generally, in the material specifically requested by the customer.

Washers and discs in metallic materials and more generally in hard materials are made by AGIT by shearing, using moulds. This applies to stainless or tempered steel washers, aluminum, bronze, iron, brass washers, copper and zinc washers, as well as metal mesh, hard metals and other metals in general.
Washers, discs and shapes in soft or semi-rigid materials are treated and cut with special equipment, which safeguards the starting material. As in the case of natural rubber washers or in the various specific compounds for the use of the project, sponge and foam discs, paper and cardboard washers, plastic materials, felt and cloth, leather, cork and cork-rubber , in asbestos-free joints, in thermal and electrical insulating materials, in anti-friction materials (pads).

Some types of washers and in particular copper, aluminum and red fiber washers, in different diameters, are also available in the AGIT warehouse for immediate delivery and are suitable for use in threaded seals and for generic uses.

For a customized and specific production of washers and shapes in different materials, AGIT is available to provide details and processing times and a transparent and complete cost estimate.

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