Producing gaskets is a high-precision job that requires specialized personnel and high-performance machinery; they are generally made with materials of various types, ranging from the classic rubber up to fiberglass and newly developed polymers.
In Milan, the Agit company carries out this type of activity with commitment and professionalism, integrating the production of gaskets with the manufacture of felts, fabric strips, sleeves, special components and many other small objects and devices intended for the mechanical industry, for hydraulics and other specific fields of use.
The shearing of custom gaskets relies on a new high-performance machine, called Waterjet.

What Waterjet does

The numerically controlled robotic machine is able to read the cutting path contained in the digital graphic file and proceed with immediate execution. Waterjet uses a truly unique and particular procedure; by means of water, if necessary with the addition of abrasive elements pushed at very high pressure through special nozzles, a jet is created thin and powerful enough to allow the cutting of different materials with a precision that can even be centesimal, i.e. equal to one hundredth of a millimetre.

The materials

The shearing of custom gaskets is performed on various materials, such as plastic, rubber and metals of all types; in practice, in addition to the gaskets, it is possible to produce sleeves, bushings, washers (in nylon, PTFE, delrin, ABS, etc.), as well as particular discs in copper, aluminium, bronze and much more.
To take advantage of these services, Agit makes a form available online, through which it is possible to request estimates and send drawings of special components. In this way it becomes possible through a collaborative relationship, to verify the feasibility of any kind of project.