Agit is a technological company that deals with the production of gaskets and other products suitable for various applications; works materials such as rubber, asbestos substitute materials, leather and plastic, just to name one.
The production follows rigid paths in compliance with the most recent regulations, adopting cutting-edge technologies using the latest generation machinery and systems, such as Waterjet cutting.

What is punching

Die cutting is a particular process that is applied to relatively soft materials such as rubber and foams, ideal polymers for the production of washers and gaskets.
It consists in obtaining a finished product from sheets or slabs of material, which can be of various types, working it according to the precise needs of a customer or a detailed project.
It is a process structured in several steps and able to satisfy the special production of many industries; Agit performs the die-cutting of gaskets to design, transforming rubber and foams and obtaining from them washers, discs, flexible couplings, shaped parts, membranes which can then be worked to obtain sleeves and cold-welded joints.
Agit allows you to request these special processes also through the network, where using a special mask it is possible to request estimates and send dimensioned drawings based on your needs.

The production of Agit

In addition to the die-cutting of custom-designed gaskets, the company carries out special processes on materials such as glass fiber and ceramic fiber, from which perfectly cut and shaped artifacts, fabrics, ribbons and threads can be obtained.
Agit also processes special cartons suitable for obtaining washers and gaskets for mechanical applications; uses slabs in synthetic resins, such as epoxy and melamine; obtains products from composite materials such as bakelite, which is hard, resistant and with very precise and sharp contours, which is suitable for different types of applications such as the manufacture of some electrical components, given its insulating properties.