AGIT has been using Waterjet technology since the early nineties, having been one of the first companies in Italy to introduce this powerful and precise system, which uses water to solve cutting problems on the most diverse materials, in workshop processes and in cutting of gaskets.
The innovative technology of Waterjet cutting, or water cutting, can be applied to the entire range of materials processed by AGIT. Choosing to apply it for some processes and not for others generally depends on evaluations of the project’s economic cost and technical opportunity, guaranteeing the most precise processing technology compared to those provided by other traditional methodologies. The AGIT technical office defines for each production request if there are the conditions to use waterjet cutting and consequently the workshop is equipped for this type of processing.
The strengths of the Waterjet system are the use on practically any material, the possibility of making even large pieces, the guarantee of a very high quality standard and a great speed of execution, avoiding the use of expensive equipment and further processing characteristics that often make this technology the most appropriate for just-in-time supplies or sampling of small series of products.


The principle on which Waterjet cutting is based is that a flow of water at very high pressure is conveyed through a calibrated orifice, producing a coherent jet at very high speed. This jet, with or without the addition of abrasive material depending on the raw material to be cut, penetrates this and separates the parts with a mechanism that combines erosion and abrasion.

The use of water jet cutting, as mentioned, can be applied to all materials, but it is the experience of the AGIT technical office which, faced with each request received, allows us to evaluate whether there are the technical and economic conditions to use water jet cutting, avoiding this process in the few cases where it may prove contraindicated.

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