Water Jet Cutting

AGIT has been using water jet cutting since the early 1990s and was one of the first to introduce this powerful, accurate technology, in which water is used to cut the most diverse materials and which is ideal for a variety of jobs and for cutting seals and gaskets, in Italy.
Innovative water jet cutting can be applied to all the materials processed by AGIT. However, the decision to use it for some jobs and not others generally depends on costs and technical opportunity. Water jet cutting is, in general, more accurate than other traditional methods. The AGIT Technical Office establishes whether water jet cutting can be used for each order and consequently sets up the workshop for the specific job.
Strengths of water jet cutting include suitability for use on nearly all materials, the possibility of making even very large sizes, very high standard results and fast operations. Using water jet cutting avoids the need for costly fixtures and additional finishing jobs. The latter aspects in particular make the technology especially appropriate for just-in-time supplies and small product series.

How a water jet cutter works

A water jet cutter conveys a very high pressure flow of water through a calibrated nozzle to produce a very fast, uniform jet. The jet, which may contain abrasive material or water only, penetrates through the material and separates the parts using a combined erosion and abrasion mechanism.

As mentioned, water jet cutting can be applied to all materials but the AGIT Technical Office determines whether the technical and cost conditions are advantageous for each order to ensure efficiency and cost-effectiveness.