Washers and shapes are essential in the industry and AGIT has been at the service of industries looking for reliable and quality products for years. The washers are sent throughout Italy and used in various fields such as mechanics, clothing and furnishings, electronics and shipbuilding. The washers can be made of different materials such as Teflon, a perfluorocarbon polymer characterized by non-stick properties and high resistance to high temperatures, steel washers, characterized by the resistance of the metal itself, copper washers, with a high level of electrical conductivity and high versatility. We also make washers in cork, felt and any other material upon customer request. The metal washers are produced by shearing, with the help of a mold, and are available in different diameters. There are washers of all types and sizes, but broadly speaking, in addition to the distinction by material, they can be divided into thin flat washers or oversized flat washers and still special flat washers. To carry out quality work it is essential to choose the most resistant and suitable material for the needs and above all to rely on companies that are dedicated to the creation of gaskets and washers for industries with dedication and attention to the quality of the products.


Copper washers: technical specifications

The good seal in hydraulic circuits has made copper washers highly sought after in the sector. In particular, the precision and high quality of pure copper make them very reliable even in the field of household appliances, thanks to the well-known electrical conduction capacity of copper. Other characteristics of these washers are certainly plasticity, i.e. the characteristic of being easily malleable and not generating strong friction, and adaptability, i.e. the ability to be used in the most varied industrial sectors. Therefore they have a good seal and resistance to pressure of medium intensity. They are made and produced in both gas and metric sizes, in order to respond to every type of need and adapt to every use.


Copper washers: uses

The copper washers are suitable for use in threaded seals and for general uses. In particular, they are used in hydraulic circuits, ranging from the brakes, steering and suspension of cars to industrial hydraulic presses, or in the household appliances sector, in particular for aero-refrigeration systems and for the repair of air conditioners. Using copper washers easily solves tightening or sealing problems at not very high pressures. The use therefore embraces different and varied industrial sectors such as electromechanical, the automotive and automotive industry, household appliances, up to the audio and video industry or, for small washers, the world of watchmaking. Copper washers may look like small elements of more complex parts but the quality of these makes everything work perfectly. Precisely for this reason it is essential to rely on Agit, which with its proven experience of over fifty years in the production of copper washers offers and manufactures quality products ready to satisfy every customer need.

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