AGIT is one of the leading companies in the sector for the production of gaskets and washers of every type of material, from plastic to metal via rubber, silicone, cardboard, leather and specific compounds. The company provides its customers with an extensive catalog with a vast range of gaskets and other products, but also offers a service for the creation of custom-made gaskets with any type of material based on the specific needs of each customer. To request a personalized product, simply contact the company representatives, also via the online form, who are always available to draw up free estimates based on the specifics of the requested object, the workmanship, the materials and the number of pieces to be made. AGIT’s technicians can boast decades of experience in the sector and the use of cutting-edge techniques and technologies, in order to guarantee the satisfaction of each customer, whether they purchase one of the products already in the catalog or require the tailor-made specific products.


Efficiency and quality in customized products

AGIT has been active for over 50 years and guarantees all its customers products of the highest quality at competitive prices. AGIT industrial gaskets are used in many sectors, from automotive to clothing, from furniture to the food sector. Custom gaskets are made by the AGIT team of technicians based on the drawings and specifications provided by the customer. The company uses different types of processes, from waterjet cutting to moulding, from turning to die-cutting, based on the material to be treated and the dimensions of the products to be made. The technical staff is obviously always available to the customer to follow each stage of the process and modify it, if necessary. AGIT guarantees all customers the creation of gaskets of the sizes and materials they need for their processes and products, of whatever kind they are. If these are not already in stock, they will be made to measure in the shortest possible time.


How to request customized gaskets AGIT

Gaskets are products used in many sectors and have a huge variety of dimensions and materials. AGIT always keeps its warehouse stocked with gaskets of all kinds to meet the needs of the widest possible range of customers. In case the requested products are not present in stock or among those in production, AGIT offers its customers a customized gasket manufacturing service. To contact the company representatives, it is possible to fill in the appropriate online form, or use the telephone and email address indicated in the contacts. AGIT’s technical staff will respond as soon as possible by contacting the customer directly with their proposals and always free, no-obligation estimates.

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