1. What are the response times to a request for a quote?
Once the request for an estimate has been forwarded to AGIT, it is taken over and analyzed by our technical office, which requests, if necessary, further information and specifications and subsequently formulates a proposal which, once feasibility is confirmed, presents the production process in detail proposed for the realization, the price and the delivery times. Usually, AGIT only needs 2 working days from the date the request is forwarded to communicate its response. In the case of special processes, perhaps on large pieces or for particular materials, some comparison steps may be necessary between the AGIT technical office and the client, to avoid incurring in discrepancies between what was requested and the proposal developed by AGIT. In this case, the time required for a definitive response may be extended, but we always do everything possible to keep it within a few working days. Naturally, the more precise and detailed the request that arrives at our technical office is, the easier it will be to take charge and the economic quotation. For this reason, our contact form also allows you to attach any project documents and specifications that can help and guide us right away to find the optimal solution to your request.

2. What are your delivery terms? How soon can you deliver the gaskets I ordered?
Normal processing generally takes 10 working days from receipt of the order, after which the pieces are delivered to the customer. Of course, faster delivery terms are possible in the face of special customer needs. Different speech must be made for any special processes, which can be such due to the dimensions of the pieces, their quantities, the technical constraints that the project presents. In these cases it is the responsibility of the technical office itself to evaluate the specific situation and, once the production process has been defined and the plants have been set up, to inform the customer of the time it will actually take to complete the delivery.

3. What is the best way to forward my gasket manufacturing inquiry to you?
AGIT accepts requests and orders both by fax, by telephone, by e-mail, and through the contact form on the site, a form which also manages digital attachments.
In order to be able to manage requests, estimates and orders more quickly, it is advisable that these reach the AGIT technical office complete with all the information necessary for verifying the feasibility and the consequent drafting of the estimate.
In particular, remember to send us, when available, dimensioned drawings (preferably in dxf/dwg format), any request for certification or specific analysis of material or measurements and any reference technical sheets and, if useful for identifying the best solutions for custom or specials, also photographs of the finished parts or of the machines and assembly assemblies.
Written forms of communication are preferable for already developed requests and orders, while the use of the telephone is suggested for more general requests for information or for which an immediate response is required.