1. How long does it take you to reply to a request for quote?
Requests for quotes sent to AGIT are received and examined by our Technical Office. Our technicians may ask for further information and specifications and then draft a proposal which confirms feasibility and describes the suggested manufacturing process, prices and delivery times in detail. You will usually receive an answer from AGIT after only two working days from your request. For special jobs, such as large parts or particular materials, our technicians may need to discuss details with you to make sure that our proposal complies perfectly with your specifications. In these cases, it may take a little longer to receive our reply but in all cases we will do everything possible to answer within a few working days. Naturally, the more accurate and detailed the request, the easier it will be for our Technical Office to send you a quick, cost-effective quote. You can attach documents and specifications to the contact form to help us find the perfect solution to your request from the start.

2. How fast can you deliver? When will you be sending the seals and gaskets that I ordered?
A normal job will take approximately 10 days from reception of the order to delivery. Faster deliveries are possible in case of special needs. Special jobs (particular sizes, amounts or technical constraints) may differ. In this case, our Technical Office will evaluate the specific situation, define the process, set up the systems and inform you when your order will be actually delivered.

3. How should I send you my order for making seals and gaskets?
AGIT accepts requests and orders by fax, phone and e-mail, or through the contact form on the site, which can accept digital attachments.
In order to be able to manage requests, estimates and orders more quickly, we advise that they are received at the AGIT office complete with all the information necessary for checking the feasibility of work and the consequent esimate drafting.
In particular, we remind you to send us, when available, dimensioned drawings (preferably in dxf / dwg format), any certification request or specific analysis of material or measurements and any technical reference sheets and, if useful to identify better solutions for custom needs or specifics, photographs of finished parts or machines and mounting assemblies.
Written communication is preferable for existing requests and orders, while calling us is suggested for more general informatoin requests for information or if an immediate response is required.