Agit is a company that processes industrial materials and manufactures gaskets to specification, located in Milan, in Via Montanari 25. With more than 50 years of experience in the sector, the company has a vast workshop in which it deals with materials different for various purposes, but above all for industrial use. The keywords are quality of materials, variety of processes and adaptability to the precise requests of client companies that require a customized product.

Over the years, the company has equipped itself with expert collaborators and has surrounded itself with cutting-edge machinery, constantly updated, to carry out any type of intervention and to carry on the production of gaskets to specification. Among the processes, turning, moulding, die-cutting and shearing of gaskets for industrial use stand out, but also special processes, all based on drawings and projects provided by the customer. The company uses Waterjet cutting, the method that exploits the high pressure of a directed water jet, guaranteeing great cutting precision. An important strong point of this technique is the possibility of working effectively even on large-sized materials and without the production of special equipment, which is why it is so frequently exploited by Agit.

On request, the company manufactures all kinds of industrial gaskets to design and technical details, in rubber and silicone, in felt, cork or insulating material, gaskets for hydraulics and cars, o-ring and spiral wound gaskets, all in based on the project carried out by the customer and his precise requests. Alternatively, it also deals with the sale of already processed material, of various types, ready to be purchased in stock, including laminates, plastic and metal products, materials that replace asbestos and much more.

To submit projects for customized industrial gaskets to Agit, the site provides a special online form to be filled in, with all the details, or a telephone number and an e-mail address. The company staff will undertake to evaluate everything by relying on their technical office and to contact the customer in a short time. A free, no-obligation quote will be provided and work will begin.