AGIT has been manufacturing rubber gaskets for over 50 years and is one of the reference industries in Milan and throughout Lombardy. The gaskets are very important elements in many products and being able to count on the highest quality of the materials and the finished object is very important in this case. The company produces a very large number of different types of gaskets in rubber, silicone, spiral wound gaskets and also special liquid gaskets, which are poured into the seat and solidify quickly, guaranteeing perfect adherence. Among the products made by AGIT there are also rubber lip seals, plastic washers and silicone rings. Washers, discs, rings and other shaped products in different materials, such as metal, rubber, leather, plastic and specific compounds, are made and cut with special techniques that always guarantee the highest quality. AGIT also offers its customers the possibility of making plastic washers, rubber lip seals and other customized products based on specific needs both in terms of shapes and sizes and materials.


Rubber lip seals and plastic washers

Rubber lip seals are used in many different types of products, typically requiring an effective seal with moving parts or with varying pressure. The presence of the sealing lips in the internal or external diameter makes it possible to improve the effectiveness of the gaskets in variable conditions. Lip seals also significantly reduce friction, in the case of moving parts, and material abrasion. Among the flagship products of the extensive AGIT catalog there are also plastic washers of all shapes and sizes. The latter are usually used as insulators in the production of commercial vehicles, for the preparation of industrial bodywork and in various automotive sectors. Also in this case, the company representatives are always available for contacts and free estimates both for the range of products in the catalog and for the creation of customized orders.


Silicone ring for the food industry and other uses

AGIT is one of the leading companies in the production of gaskets in rubber and other materials, including plastic washers, silicone rings and lip seals in rubber and other materials. AGIT silicone rings are used in the chemical industry, in the food industry and in many other sectors thanks to the special characteristics of the material. In fact, silicone is resistant to many chemical compounds, it is non-stick, it is extremely elastic and offers excellent resistance to both physical stress and temperature variations, making it an extremely versatile material. AGIT silicone rings therefore allow them to resist considerable temperature changes, wear out very slowly if exposed to mechanical stress and guarantee excellent durability over time even in critical conditions. The silicone gaskets prevent other materials from sticking to the washer and each other, making them perfect for use in the kitchen and in the food industry, especially since the material is completely food compatible and does not degrade even at high temperatures.

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