Technologies and Materials

AGIT identifies the best technologies and most appropriate processes for each material to deliver finished products which comply with the customer’s specifications.

Rubber, foam, plastic, leather, felt, metals or asbestos substitution materials, AGIT skilfully identifies the best technologies and the most suitable processes for making washers, discs, shaped parts and technical parts to the customer’s specifications.In detail:

  • AGIT makes parts for joints, cardboards, panels, felts and fabrics of various type, packing, braids, yarns, fibreglass tapes and fabrics, ceramic fibre and special parts made of asbestos substitution materials
  • with special cardboard, AGIT makes washers flanges, strips, seals and gaskets to the customer’s specifications and glycerine cardboard seals and gaskets
  • with synthetic resin laminates (epoxy, melamine etc) AGIT makes Bakelite material parts, flat and turned seals and gaskets.

AGIT also supplies glues, such as cyanoacrylate ACR, neoprene glues and sealing adhesives.

Specific material manufacturing methods include:

  • dinking, moulding and pressing of seals and gaskets, washers, discs, sleeves, solvent-welded joints, flexible couplings, strips, membranes, turned collars, standard and non-standard o-rings with diameter from 1.5 to 30 mm made of rubber
  • foam seals and gaskets also on adhesive supports are made by dinking and water jet cutting (the latter process is particularly suited for this material)
  • blanking, turning and moulding of seals and gaskets, washers, bushings, parts formed in PTFE, Nylon, Delrin, PVC, ABS, Plexiglass and plastic materials in general
  • blanking of washers, discs and technical metal parts (steel, copper, brass, aluminium, bronze) in addition to off-the-shelf copper and aluminium washers.

Finally, at AGIT we make leather and felt seals and gaskets by blanking and implementing special processes.

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