For each material treated, AGIT identifies the best technologies and the most appropriate processes to arrive at the delivery of the finished product according to the specifications indicated by the company that commissioned it. From rubber to foams, from plastics to leather and felts, from metals to substitutes of asbestos, AGIT operates with competence, maximum precision and timeliness, identifying the best technologies and the most suitable processes for the production of washers, discs, shaped and other technical details in accordance with the customers’ specifications and drawings.

In particular, as regards materials and final products:

  • in the field of asbestos substitutes AGIT supplies details in joints, cardboards, panels, felts and fabrics of various types, packing, braids, threads, tapes and fabrics in glass fiber, ceramic fiber and specials;
  • with cartons and special cartons AGIT produces washers, flanges, strips and gaskets to design and gaskets in glycerinated cardboard;
  • with laminates in synthetic resins (epoxy, melamine, etc …) it produces details in bakelized materials, flat and turned gaskets.

AGIT also supplies glues such as cyanoacrylic ACR, neoprene glue, mastic for watertightness.

With regard to machining on specific materials:

  • with rubber AGIT performs die-cutting, molding and turning of gaskets, washers, discs, sleeves, cold-welded joints, flexible couplings, strips, membranes, turned collars, standard and non-series O-rings with rope from ø 1.5 to 30 mm;
  • on the foams the processes performed are die-cutting and waterjet cutting, particularly suitable for this class of materials, of gaskets in various foams, also on adhesive support;
  • in plastic we carry out shearing, turning and molding of gaskets, washers, bushings, shaped in PTFE, Nylon, Delrin, PVC, ABS, Plexiglass and plastic materials in general;
  • with metal AGIT works on the shearing of washers, discs and details in technical metals (steel, copper, brass, aluminum, bronze), as well as copper and aluminum washers ready for delivery.

Finally, AGIT arranges leather trimmings and die-cutting and special felt trimmings.

To request AGIT a work based on your drawing and specifications, you can use the form that you find on the pages of the site and you will be contacted by our technicians to provide you with a detailed estimate and an estimate of delivery times.