Washers are perforated discs that fit under the nut of a bolt or screw. Their purpose is to improve the locking of the bolt or screw under which they are inserted. Washers are also known as rosettes, which however are less common.
Given their particular function, choosing customized washers can often represent an ideal solution for carrying out particular jobs.

AGIT customized washers

AGIT has been representing for over 50 years a guarantee in the production and supply of elements such as gaskets and washers. The Milanese company is able to guarantee an excellent quality service, both from a technological point of view and from the point of view of specific consultancy.
In the case of customized washers, it is possible to choose between different solutions. From flat washers of standard size, to custom-built washers that respond in a customized way to the need that the customer wishes to satisfy, produced using the die-cutting or shearing technique.
The customized washers produced and supplied by AGIT allow you to make practical and executable jobs that would otherwise be much more complicated.
Thanks to the long experience that the company has gained over the last few decades, AGIT has become a real guarantee of quality and excellent workmanship of the products. This guarantee is currently offered by an expert and professional technical staff, capable of offering customers customized washers that respond perfectly to advanced requests.
These skills also make it possible to satisfy the most complex applications. The production and, even before that, the design of customized washers also passes through the careful choice of material by industry experts whose skills allow an apparently simple object to be made perfectly compliant with the requirements defined for it by the design engineers.
This way of working allows us to adequately respond to even the most complicated quality requirements. AGIT customized washers eliminate any type of defect by virtue of a complete and practical service in all the smallest details.

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