AGIT makes custom seals and mechanical parts to specifications.


AGIT is specialised in making custom seals, gaskets and mechanical parts to specifications and has been operating in Italy for over 50 years. Established with the mission to increase customised machining accuracy and consequently deliver products and services of the highest quality, AGIT skilfully exploits the features of traditional production processes, such as dinking, turning and compression moulding, in addition to potentials of innovative technologies, such as water jet cutting. AGIT pioneered water jet cutting technology in Italy, and is a founding member of the Italian Waterjet Association (AIW).

GIT’s large and small customers have a team of experts at their service, a specialised Technical Office to provide the right answers to all requests, a flexible state-of-the-art production area capable of adapting technologies and processes to specific needs, and a fully stocked warehouse containing all the workable material. The saving of time and costs is obvious.

Our strength is the wide range of materials we process: at the AGIT workshop in Via Montanari 25, Milan, Italy we use technical paper and cardboard, elastomers (solid and cellular), asbestos substitute materials, plastic and plastic laminates of all kinds, metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), felt, leather and much more. The materials can be purchased directly and are also available for immediate shipment. All sizes - always using materials of the highest quality - are processed with painstaking accuracy.

Precisely because of the wide range of materials we process, at AGIT we supply the most diverse industrial sectors, in the mechanical and electromechanical, automotive, plant and building installation, furniture, constructions, clothing and design areas to name only a few. Finally, we supply special processes for particular production needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us, even online by filling in the contact form on the website, for your specific requests concerning seal and gasket manufacturing.

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AGIT S.a.s. is UNI EN ISO 9001 certified