Agit is a company in Milan that deals with specific processes using cutting-edge technologies of the latest generation. One of Agit’s main sectors of intervention is the production of special gaskets; can count on an experience of over 50 years and on technologies such as water jet cutting.
Agit also works on request, producing special gaskets of various materials and different types depending on the intended use, which ranges from hydraulics to industrial use.


There are many types of gaskets produced:

  • lip seals: they are suitable for high pressure and generally have the characteristic of guaranteeing the seal in one direction only according to the shape of the lip of the joint, generally the outermost one. This makes it easier to assemble the components.
  • adhesive gaskets: they have an adhesive side: the gaskets used in car doors are an example.
  • plumbing seals: traditional model used for joints of plumbing pipes, taps and other accessories;
  • O-ring seals: model used in mechanics in order to retain the lubricating oil and avoid contact with water;
  • gaskets for cars: the type and materials used in this type of gasket is the most varied, as are the parts of the vehicles in which they are mounted;
  • silicone gaskets: they are very resistant to high and low temperatures, making them effective for example on photovoltaic systems, heating or for applications in extreme climates;
  • spiral wound gaskets: particular model intended for industry, especially refineries and other plants in the chemical sector.

Agit’s production of special gaskets is vast and capable of covering many different applications.

Waterjet cutting

Waterjet is a complex machine that works using a powerful jet of water with the addition of abrasive materials.
The machine processes all types of material and has the characteristic of making cuts using a mechanism that combines abrasion and erosion without resorting to equipment (jigs, punches, shearing irons) reducing delivery times. The system completely replaces normal machinery and allows for significant economic savings which have repercussions on product prices.